Scott Ray & Associates Inc.

Dr. Scott Ray

Dr. Ray holds a Ph.D. in Social Science Research from Ball State University. He has been a trusted and prolific source of marketing expertise in businesses ranging from tourism and special events to finance, transportation, retail, and health care as well as significant public health research over the past 40 years. Results of Dr. Ray’s economic impact analyses have been featured in countless newspaper and broadcast news stories as well as other promotional materials. His research has produced hundreds of industry reports and scores of academic presentations and journal publications.

Dr. Ray began his professional career as the Director of Research at Xavier University in New Orleans in 1978. At Xavier members of the community began to seek out his expertise for marketing applications as well as a wide variety of project planning and evaluation activities. Dr. Ray subsequently served as the Senior Market Analyst for the Regional Transit Authority, where he began to be recruited on a consultant basis by the hospitality industry and various special events in the City. Dr. Ray has served as the Research/ Evaluation Director on several multi-million dollar Federal research projects, written over $100 million dollars in successful grant proposals and served as a Special Assistant to the Hawaii Director of Human Services as well as the Consulting Director of numerous state wide projects in several states.

Dr. Ray’s clients have included: Marketing & Advertising Agencies Music Festivals and Special Events Producers, Music and Entertainment Businesses, Hospitality Industries, Gaming Enterprises, Health Care Institutions, Financial Institutions, Print and Electronic Media as well as many Federal, State and Local Government agencies and a wide variety of Non-Profits.

Dr. Ray’s full range of analyses and reporting include numerous Program Evaluation Studies, Consumer Surveys, Baseline Market Research, Feasibility Studies, Market Segment Analyses, Image & Positioning Assessments, Conjoint/Pricing Analysis, Media Pre-Testing, Evaluations of Advertising Penetration and Campaigns, Customer Satisfaction Monitoring, Product Development Testing, Service Planning & Scheduling, Econometric Analyses & Forecasting, Attendance Projections and Cost/Benefit Analyses.

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